Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up in 20 days. Now normally I don't even think about getting a gift until the week of and normally pick something up that day or maybe a day early. But this year I want to get my mom something other than flowers or chocolate. Although my mom appreciates anything we give her I want to give her something that shows that I put a little bit of time and thought into her gift. I'm looking up various Mother's Day Gift Guides and trying to find something unique and meaningful for my mom.

This gift guide by Sweet Mama has different gift ideas for sporty, foodie, crafty, eco, literary, outdoorsy, sentimental and glam moms. All the items are available online which saves you a shopping trip. Sweet Mama Shopping Guide

If you want some more gift ideas and you want to support work-at-home moms there are some more ideas at the Tip Junkie Website

I still haven't decided what I'll get for my mom but now I have some suggestions for my husband and kids.

What are you giving your mom for mother's day? What are you hoping and hinting to your kids or husband that you want?

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