Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm finished school- now what?

I took my last exam this morning. I really wish I had been more prepared for it. I have an unfortunate combination of procrastination and perfectionism that led me to put off studying and then try to spend the entire night before the exam studying. This was also the night that my little angel decided to wake up 5 times when she normally sleeps through the night. That took up a lot of time and I kept falling asleep on the couch. I had my alarm clock on my phone set to keep getting me up but eventually sometime in the middle of the night I fell asleep. I woke up 40 minutes before my exam started and panicked. I quickly fed Sweet Pea and got the girls dressed. My mom picked them up and after quickly reveiwing my notes I headed off to school. There were some things I didn't know on the exam but for the most part I could write down an answer. I normally am way more prepared but my procrastination caught up with me. You would think that after 5 years of school I would have learned not to procrastinate!

But it's over now, I might not get my desired A but I should still do ok and will certainly pass which is all that really matters for the degree.

I'm really not sure what I'm going to do now. I don't want to start working right away. I would like like some time to just be a mom and see what life is like when I'm not completely sleep-deprived. At some point, I hope to find a fabulous, flexible and well-paying part-time career that is located close to me. Since I'll have 2 kids in daycare, the money has to be worth it for me to work. Luckily, I have the luxury of not needing to find a career immediately thanks to my husband's full-time job and my current part-time job.

I probably will take more schooling down the road but first I need to get some work experience and figure out my career path.

For years, I've been concentrating on taking the classes required to obtain my degree and now I have the chance to explore a wide variety of careers and opportunities. I'm excited for what the future holds for me and my family.

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