Saturday, May 9, 2009

Small Talk Six- Mother's Day Edition

Today's Small Talk Six is about 6 ways you are like or unlike your mother. To see the other bloggers particapating you can head over to Mom Dot

1. My mother raised 4 children, made dinner every night, kept a clean house and helped out on our farm. I have 2 children (so far), try to make dinner every night and dream of a clean house.

2. My mom homeschooled us all through elementary school. I know it made me a smarter person but I don’t think I will home school my kids. Only because I don’t think I would be dedicated enough to do it.

3. My husband says I talk like my mom. Every once in a while I hear it too.

4. My mom drove a van. Not even a minivan, just a big van to fit us all in. I refuse to drive a minivan. I recently sold my car and upgraded to a Ford Freestyle. It’s a crossover, NOT a minivan!

5. My mom used cloth diapers because disposables were too expensive and not widely used. I’m switching to cloth diapers because disposables are too expensive and cloth is better for the environment. Sometimes the old ways were the best ways.

6. My mother had quick labours. Her first was born 2 hours after her first contractions. A huge motivating factor in pushing for my vbac with my second child was that I wanted to see how my body would do in labour. I am so happy that I inherited her labour genes. You can’t get much better than 10 minutes total of active labour!


  1. great list- I feel you on the minivan!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I only have 1 little one, dinner is never on time, and the house usually looks like a tornado went through!

    Great list!

  3. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Oh man am I jealous of those quick labour genes! Happy mother's day!

  5. labor in 10 min SHUT UP. I'm so dang jealous. I labored for over 14 hrs with my first pushed for just a half hour... lucky U and your momj

    Happy Mothers Day

  6. Oh I so agree with #3 (and so does my Hubby I am sure)...I have 5 children and my house is never as clean as I would like it to be, because before I can even get out of one room somebody has messed it up??? Dinner ummm...does fishsticks and hot dogs count???lol Have a GREAT Mother's Day!

  7. Holy Moly...I was in labor for only 2 hours and thought I had it good...nice pushin' Mommy LOL Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Yes, and if you ever want a Margarita...come on over!!!


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