Friday, May 1, 2009

Aloha Friday

Today I'm participating in Aloha Friday which is brought to you by An Island Life. Click here to go to An Island Life and answer other questions posted by bloggers.

Since I've been struggling with keeping my house clean I thought I'd ask how others manage to keep on top of their housework.

My Question is when do you do most of your housework?

Answer Options
  • A) I'm always cleaning
  • B) I do it at night when the kids are in bed
  • C) I do it during the day so I can relax at night
  • D) I have a maid do it for me
  • E) My husband does it for me
  • F) The reason I had kids was so that they could do all the cleaning
  • G) I don't clean
  • H) I only clean before company comes over
  • I) Other- Please explain


  1. I do it at night when the kids are in bed -- and I have a list for during the day of things I want done.

  2. I don't clean much... we have a housekeeper every other week for the big stuff. I try and tidy up when baby is in bed, but usually our house is untidy! LOL
    I think I need the housekeeper to come more often

  3. I have a cleaning lady that comes in twice a month. But my husband laughs at me b/c I clean for the cleaning lady. So I am always "picking up" something.

    A and D for me

  4. I would have to say C. I use to clean out night when my two were babies, one of them was super afraid of the vacuum and would throw an absolute terrified fit when I turned it on. But now that they're both a bit older they're ok with it, and find my activities interesting. Which is GREAT! I really love to have downtime after they're in bed, so I try to get everything done during the day.

  5. My answer is A. I find if I do it in the Morning after everyone is out of the house. it goes fast. I pick up every day.

  6. I would love to say "D" & I'm working on "F" (grow faster kids!) but in reality it's "C".

    Cute question!

  7. Oh I'm constantly cleaning (feeding, changing yada yada) MORE CLEANING!! Major stuff like heaping piles of laundry I save for the weekend - it never ends! I would imagine you're in the same boat...cute blog you have here :)

  8. My answer would be G and H - along with company would be before my husband comes home from his work trips...I have never been much of a cleaner and really wish we could afford a housekeeper. I do pick up and clean what I have to on my days off but the major cleaning doesn't get done unless it has too. I am too tired and too busy to do much more than that. I always make sure the toilet and bathroom are cleaned for unexpected guests though...

  9. Definitely B. I enjoy my little one too much to do housework during the day (most of the time). I am a night owl so I work best at night.

  10. Thanks for all the responses.

    My personal cleaning style is all over the place. I feel like I am always cleaning but it is usually the same areas that get dirty on a daily basis. I always clean really well if I know I have company over. I enjoy my alone time at night so I try not to do too much cleaning then.


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