Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potty Training Princess

I’m so embarrassed that Princess isn’t potty trained yet. I started “training” her over two years ago. When she was just 8 months old I started putting her on the toilet so that she wouldn’t be scared of it. We’d sit there and read books soon after breastfeeding. She would eventually pee and we’d make a big celebration out of it. At only one year old we could go entire days in the same diaper. Granted, I was putting on the toilet but we were getting there. There were even times at 14 months where she would lead me to the bathroom when she had to do #2.

So what happened you ask? Well at 14 months we went on a 24 hour road trip (never again!) for a vacation (if you can call chasing after a toddler all day, a vacation). Then when we got back I started my winter semester and took 5 courses so I would get them out of the way before baby #2 came in May. Princess was too distracted at the babysitters to sit still on the toilet so we let it slide. Then when her sister came along I didn’t have time to concentrate on it. Then I went back to school and potty training was still on the back burner.

When I finished my last semester I was sure I would be able to potty train her quickly. I’ve let her wear pretty big girl underwear but she has a lot of accidents. I’ve bought cloth diapers so that she can feel when she goes pee but not make a mess. But I think they’re doing too good of a job. She isn’t bothered by sitting in a wet diaper. I could keep putting her on the toilet every hour but I’m not sure that is actually teaching her to control it and recognize the urge herself. Not to mention that is a huge battle to get her to sit on the toilet. According to her, once you’ve done it once already that day you don’t have to go on the toilet anymore.

So my current plan of attack is to let her wear underwear and ask her to go to the bathroom every hour. I hope that helps her make the connection. If that fails I might just have to read some books on potty training.

Can you suggest any potty training methods or books?


  1. I haven't personally done any potty training with my son yet, but I believe there are potty training charts where she can earn stickers, and I know that there are DVDs out there, I just can't think of the names for it!

    A 24 hour road trip sounds pretty rough--you guys were brave!

  2. My oldest daughter was almost 2 1/2 before we even *started* potty training! I had planned to try at about 2, and then I was put on bedrest with my second daughter, so that didn't pan out. She trained pretty quickly, but we did have some set backs once little sis was born. We used stickers as rewards. It was "instant gratification" :)

  3. I bribed my daughter with M&M's to try using the potty - I had her wear big girl undies and used a timer on my ipod to go off every 45 min. I gave her all the juice and milk she wanted, and when the timer went off I would bring her to the potty and feed ehr M&M's. We had good days and bad days, but overall it worked - except now she wants chocolate every time she pees on the potty by herself.

  4. If it makes you feel any better - Crown Prince 1 didn't completely potty train until 3 1/2...and Crown Prince 2 potty trained at 14 months.

  5. Training takes time and rather than a set time to go to the toilet watch for signs that they need to go, distracted, moving around etc. Make them go even if they have an accident. Dont fuss if there is an accident just get them changed but give praise (and reward if you want to with stickers or whatever motivates her) when she does go. Patience is so required!

  6. This was some interesting reading! I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.


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