Monday, May 4, 2009

My 2nd Work-out

I had nothing planned for today and by 1pm the girls and I were getting restless. I decided that for my own sanity we needed to get out of the house. I bundled everyone up and grabbed my cell phone and water bottle and strapped them into the double stroller. I wore running shoes but kept my jeans on since I only planned to do a leisurely walk. This was the first time I’ve gone for a walk with them since last summer. They have gained at least 15 pounds between them since then. Half-way up the first hill, I realized that pushing 50 pounds worth of kids is hard work. My sweater quickly came off.

The weather was perfect for a walk today. It wasn’t raining or too hot outside and there was even a cool breeze. I love the return of summer and being able to exercise outside. It’s something I can do with the kids and it’s free. Even the stroller we were using was free. It’s not the prettiest but it works and when someone you barely know calls you up and asks if you’d like a free double stroller, you take it. It does make it harder to convince your husband that you need a better (and prettier) double stroller when you already have a functioning one. I secretly dream of finding a really inexpensive Phil and Ted's Stroller or a BOB Duallie Stroller on craigslist though.

I don’t know about your kids, but it’s hard to get my two kids to sit still for an hour so I brought along a snack to bribe them. The BzzAgent Company sent me a huge box of free toddler food to try out and share with others. Princess loved the yogurt nibbles and grudgingly shared them with her little sister. Once the snack was gone they wanted out of the stroller so I had extra motivation to quickly walk home. Thanks to the girls my leisurely walk turned into a great work-out.

So we had a free workout in our free stroller with a free snack. Even half the clothes we were wearing were gifts or hand-me downs too. The best things in life really are free.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten for free (besides your kids)?


  1. I got my brother's old laptop, which I thought was a pretty nice score! The thing weighs a ton, though!

  2. I got a free used laptop too. Unfortunately it didn't come with a battery and if anybody tripped over the cord in class I lost everything. Later the mouse wouldn't work if the wireless card was in at the same time.

    Luckily we've gotten a new laptop since then but we had to pay for it.

  3. If it counts, my boyfriend bought me a car while we were dating. I didn't have one myself, and he really hated picked me up and dropping me off. (We lived about 30 minutes apart)
    So he surprised me with a nice vehicle! I thought it was too much, but he said it was worth it just for him to not have taxi duties. Haha

  4. How weird is that, I got a huge box from Bzz Agent yesterday, but mine was shampoos and stuff. I love being a Bzz agent, you really get the neatest things

  5. Stargirl- That may be the best free thing ever. Is that the same boyfriend you are engaged to now? I hope so otherwise it would have been awkward when you broke up.

  6. Quite a pleasing post..just came across this blog..glad to be here. Nice feeling when I read those posts. And Phil and Ted's and BOB are the best in the market when it comes to double strollers so you ll get one easily they cme in reasonable prices for their quality..


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