Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday 2

This is my second time participating in Not Me! Monday! You can read my first entry here. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I did not go on a day date with my husband. We did not talk about how we couldn’t remember the last time we went out for a date during the day. If we had gone out, we wouldn’t have celebrated with a ridiculously expensive lunch. And the lunch would not have included a single bellini that would give me a slight buzz without even finishing it. My husband would not have loved the fact that I wore a halter top and “didn’t look like a mom”.

I did not walk into a new store and get utterly and completely confused just trying to get into the door. It’s hard to explain, but there were exit and entrance doors right beside each other and then each of them had another door to enter/exit the store with a glass divider between the two areas. I did not walk into the exit door then wonder why I couldn’t open the partition to get to the 2nd entrance door. I did not need the help of a kind gentleman to get me into the store. And once in the store, when I couldn’t find either of the items I originally went for, I did not proceed to spend $80 on other random things. That would be crazy.

My youngest daughter’s first birthday is tomorrow. Because it is such momentous occasion I have been thinking about it for weeks. I certainly have not been in complete denial that she is turning one and procrastinated on picking a date for the party. I will not be planning a last-minute party for her. And when we do have the party, I certainly will not be letting her indulge in any cake. She has never in her life had sugar and we wouldn’t start on her birthday. I made a special cake for my oldest daughter out of our applesauce and whole wheat flour and would not slack off on this birthday just because she is the second child.

I did not finally fold two weeks’ worth of the girls’ laundry last Tuesday. There is no way I would have 19 pairs of unmatched socks. And there was not already another two loads of their laundry waiting to be done. But if there were I would not have procrastinated on doing those two loads until today. Who knew little girls came with so much clothing? And because I am so organized with their clothes, I would never leave two big boxes of their too small clothes sitting in our hallway for over three months. These photos are not of my home of course, but I wanted to show what the laundry would look like if I had procrastinated on laundry, which I totally did not do, remember.

Those are all the things I did not do last week. What are some things you did not do last week?


  1. LOL! You're laundry pile looks just like mine! Awesome - I'm *normal*

    Congrats on the date that youy didn't go to - how was Milestone's?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. The last time my husband and I went out, we tried to go to a restaurant that we later found out had closed a few years ago. It'd been awhile.

  3. It is nice you and your husband got out...what a compliment!What are us "moms" suppose to look like? I know he meant well, it sounds like something my husband would say.

  4. LOL. I can totally relate to the whole "date night" thing. Happy birthday to your little one! It's hard for me to believe that my eldest just turned 6! Time flies!

  5. Love that your husband did not love the fact that you wore a halter top on your date! Too cute.

  6. sounds like a pretty good week overall! Good luck with the party, we celebrated this past weekend :) Our daughters are only 3 days apart!

  7. Hi, new to your blog!

    Your girls are beautiful - I'll be coming back to visit often :)

  8. Did you try to use the door after you had finished off the bellini for lunch? That could have been the problem! I LOVE BELLINIS!
    And yes, little girls have so much clothes it is ridiculous! But I can't seem to stop buying more!


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